Meghívó: Philip Langbroek „Court Management in Switzerland” angol nyelvű előadása


A Büntető Eljárásjogi és Büntetés-végrehajtási Jogi Tanszék tisztelettel meghívja Önt Philip Langbroek (Professor of Justice Administration and Judicial Organisation, Utrecht School of Law, Utrecht University): „Court Management in Switzerland” angol nyelvű előadására.

Az előadás időpontja: 2015. október 14. (szerda) 16 óra.

Helyszíne: Kari Tanácsterem (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3.)

Budapest, 2015. szeptember 30.


Philip Langbroek has focused his research on court and justice administration, and organised and directed several international comparative research projects in this field, for example on case allocation in courts and on transnational judicial cooperation in Europe, and the Menu for Justice project on legal and judicial training in Europe. Currently he participates in the Swiss Synergia Justizmanagement project, led by Andreas Lienhard in Bern and a project on caseflow management in civil procedures, managed by Petra Pekkanen from Laaperenta University in Finland. Since many years there has been a close cooperation with the Institute for Research of Judicial Systems in Bologna, Italy.

Langbroek is managing editor of the International Journal for Court Administration and co-director of the EGPA studygroup on Justice and Court Administration, and member of the editorial board of Utrecht Law Review.

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